We hold friendly and informative meetings on historical, archaeological and related issues from September to May in the Wesley Room on the ground floor of the Methodist Church on High Street in Witney. You are welcome to join us. Our guest speakers are well known in their fields of endeavour and provide us with valuable information on various subjects.

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1. I bloom, blossom, flower.
2. I flourish; I prosper.
3. I abound with; I am filled with.
4. I am colorful, bright.
5. (of wine) I froth.
- An image of the Buttercross between Church Green and Market Square.

- A blue wavy line for the River Windrush

- A glove representing the gloving industry during the 19th century

- Two leopard's faces holding from the Blanket Makers' arms from beneath the one-handed clock on the Witney Blanket Hall
The paschal lamb had been used on a previous seal, whilst the images on the shield show:
The current Witney coat of arms with the motto 'INGENIO FLOREMUS' was granted in 1955 to the Witney Urban District Council and various translations exist depending on where you look.
'Ingenio' from the Latin 'Ingenium':
1. innate or natural quality, natural character; nature
2. disposition, temper, inclination
3. intelligence, natural capacity
'Floremus' from the Latin 'Floreo':
Patron & President: Rt Hon Lord Hurd of Westwell, CH, CBE, PC
Ian Petty, Ian Gourlay
Mike Petty, Sheila Cuss
Malcolm Osmundsen MBE, Stanley Jenkins
Witney Coat of Arms
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Chris Moxon, Eleonore Bruyere-Perkins
Translation of the motto INGENIO FLOREMUS = 'With Ingenuity We Flourish'